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TarFelt APP

Our TarFelt APP is a exclusively formulated, cold applied, pre-fabricated, economic elastomeric waterproofing membrane with polyester mat core. TarFelt APP that we offer is knwonf or its excellent resistance to weather and ageing. The core of 100 grm non-woven polyester mat offers an excellent tensile strength, elongation and superior lap joint strength. Our unique polymer modification of bitumen with Atactic Polypropylene (APP) facilitates an excellent resistance to hot and cold temperatures. Our TarFelt APP forms an impervious, flexible waterproofing layer which can withstand normal movement of structure without showing any deterioration and serve for longer period. TarFelt APP is normally used in protected roofing and waterproofing applications in a single layer system and is recommended as base layer in multilayer system for various applications including damp proofing.


Application :

  • TarFelt APP membrane is ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications including roofs, reservoirs, basements, basement roof, sunken slabs, tunnels, terrace garden and car parking.
  • TarFelt APP may be used as a virtual self-adhesive waterproofing membrane in combination with ShaliBond APP and can be applied to the surface without any torching or application of heat.


Advantages :

  • Total impermeability.
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and weathering.
  • Outstanding bond-ability and seam integrity.
  • Stability at high temperatures.
  • Very high resistance to impact and puncture.
  • Simple, single-layer installation reduces labour and error.
  • Good cold flexibility.


Application Methodology :

  • Clean the surface thoroughly to make it smooth and free of any foreign material.
  • Ensure the clean surface is free from damp and wet condition.
  • Apply ShaliBond APP uniformly on the substrate, approx. @ 500 grm/m2 (theoretical, depend upon surface condition) by trowel / brush and allow the solvent to evaporate.
  • Unroll TarFelt APP over the tacky surface and bond it to the surface by applying uniform pressure.
  • For membrane to membrane lap joint area, one membrane has to be rubbed by wire brush before applying the adhesive for better adhesion.
  • Cut 1” deep grove 300 - 450 mm above the roof surface on the parapet wall and seal the edge of TarFelt APP inside the groove with polymer modified mortar.
  • Seal all the corners of membrane with the ShaliBond APP for getting better result.
  • Allow 3-4 days for full dry.
  • For UV protection, TarFelt APP waterproofing membrane shall be finally coated with Super Silver Shield for non trafficable roof. For trafficable roof, TarFelt APP Waterproofing system shall be protected with PCC of 50 mm thick / tiles loosely laid or fixed over a layer of 120 – 150 gsm ShaliGeoText, spot bonded to TarFelt APP membrane with ShaliBond APP.

Health & Safety :

  • Use goggles, hand gloves, gum boots and nose mask during application.
  • Clean hands with warm water after application.
  • Closed spaces should be properly ventilated.


Packing : Rolls are available in 1 m x 20 m in 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 mm thicknesses.

Storage : Keep in cool and dry place under shed away from heat


Softening Point,oC > 145 Heat Resistance, 120 oC, 2 hr No flow

Tensile Strength, N/5 cm

  • Longitudinal
  • Transverse


> 250
> 120

Elongation @ break, %

  • Longitudinal
  • Transverse


> 30

> 30

Tearing Strength, N/7.5 cm

  • Longitudinal
  • Transverse
> 250
> 90
Penetration @ 25 oC, dmm 15 ± 5
Cold Flexibility, 0 oC Does not break


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