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ShaliMark is a hot applied thermoplastic road marking paint that is widely used for zebra crossing, path dividers, speed breakers and other such road markings. Our brand ShaliMark is a petroleum resin based thermoplastic material, which offers superior weathering resistance and colour stability. Furthermore, the pre-mix and drop-on glass beads ensure long lasting retro-reflectivity. ShaliMark can be easily melt and applied on both asphalt and concrete surface. Also, ShaliMark has excellent wear resistance which ensures long life of the markings.


Application :

  • Applicable on bitumen and concrete pavement with screed / spray type applicator.
  • Applicable on Zebra Crossing, path dividers, speed breakers and other such road markings.


Advantages :

  • Outstanding visibility.
  • High durability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High skid resistance
  • Product Stability
  • Superior color brilliance
  • Fast drying properties
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost effective

Application methodology :

  • Remove dust, flakes, lime, distempers, oil / grease or other foreign particles by jet or dry
  • air and clean the surface. Minimize dusting of the material during use.
  • Ensure that surface is sound, firm, bone dry.
  • Apply ShaliPrime SM in case of concrete roads.
  • Add one bag of ShaliMark in pre-heater and allow it to melt.
  • Keep on adding ShaliMark one bag at a time and allow it to melt before adding another bag, depending upon the capacity of pre-heater.
  • Do not allow temperature to rise beyond 210 oC. Ideally melt ShaliMark between 180 –210 oC.
  • Offload the hot melted ShaliMark in application unit and keep on stirring it with in-built stirrer of application unit.
  • Mark reference line on surface with nylon rope and chalk prior to application.
  • Apply melted ShaliMark within the reference lines by the application unit.
  • Type II Drop – On glass beads (BS 6088) shall be dispensed from the in-built dispenser of application unit @ 250- 300 grm/m2 simultaneously.
  • Finish lines shall be true to level, uniform and free from streaks.
  • If the application can not be done using application unit, approved manual method shall be adopted.
  • Proper safety measures shall be taken to ensure smooth progress of work.

Health & Safety :

  • Minimize dusting of ShaliMark during use.
  • Use goggles, mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.
  • Clothing while handling the material is recommended.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.
  • Do not inhale ShaliMark or fumes, do not ingest.
  • Avoid eye contact, if contacted, wash copiously with water.
  • Contact of molten product with skin would lead to thermal burns, flush with cold water, do not remove material as it would lead to severe tissue damage.

Packing : Available in 25 kg HDPE bag.

Storage : Keep in cool dry place in air tight place under shed away from heat.

Shelf Life : 12 months in original unopened sealed condition.


Colour White, Black & Yellow
Softening Point, oC 102±9.5
Luminance 45 oC
• For White
• For Yellow
> 85%
> 65%
Cracking Resistance NIL
Flow Resistance Not more than 25%
Flash Point oC 270 oC
Drying Time Max. 15 minutes
Yellow Index
• For White
• For Yellow
< 0.05
Theoretical Coverage, kg/m2 5 @ 2.5 thickness*


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