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SBR Based Bonding Agent

SBR Based Bonding Agent that we export and supply is widely used in repair and rehabilitation of concrete, bonding slurry, external rendering and various other applications. ShaliCrete URP is the brand name of our SBR Based Bonding Agent. Owing to its various advantages like easy application, bond strength improvement, increase wear resistance, reduce cracking, etc., our SBR Based Bonding Agent is highly in demand. Furthermore, we make available bulk quantities of SBR Based Bonding Agent at the most competitive rates.

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ShaliCrete URP that we offer is a multipurpose, economical and ready-to-use bonding agent available in liquid form. It is used as universal repair product (URP) for bonding coat for concrete, repair additive for concrete or mortars, waterproofing applications, protective coating for cementitious substrates, etc. ShaliCrete URP